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Weekend music

One of their ‘newer’ tunes….A little bluesy/country actually

Blue Oyster Cult – Real World

Concert wrap-up

So…I know you all can hardly contain yourselves waiting to hear my impressions of the Blue Oyster Cult concert last week.  Big surprise…I really enjoyed it.  It was a short set because they were only opening for Styx (I didn’t stay for that…if Dennis DeYoung was with the band I would have but it’s not like they could have been better than BOC so what was the point).

The guys sounded amazing.  This marked the sixth time I’ve seen these guys over the past 22 years (Holy crap, you are old.  eds)!  Is is possible for a bunch of dudes in their 60s to sound better than they did in their 40s?  I have to admit, their early studio work was never my favorite since it always sounded…old…and at times like they were trying a bit too hard to sound like the Doors but they’ve really re-imagined many of those songs and they sound totally fresh.  Case in point:  Quicklime Girl.

Eric Bloom gets better and better every time I see him live.  Buck Dharma continues to play the guitar cooler than anyone around.  The band was really good when I first saw them in ’88.  Now they seem like a well oiled machine.  Totally relaxed, enjoying the crowd and music.  It’s a total treat watching these guys play.  Great stuff.

Given the short set, they were limited in how deep they could reach into their catalog.  They have so many songs that are simply required playing at a concert (Godzilla, Cities on Flame, Don’t Fear the Reaper, Buck’s Boogie, Burnin’ for You) that there wasn’t much time for anything else.  Still, I’ll take what I can get…

It’s like seeing the pope, the beatles and a bunch of extraterrestials all in one place!

In a few short hours, I will be witnessing one of the most impressive exhibitions of human creativity.

Blue Oyster Cult in concert….

If you’re near Bethlehem, Pennsylvania get over to the Musikfest tonight as there may still be tickets.   If you’d like to stop by and say ‘hi’, I’ll be the guy in the green fedora and spats with a chrysanthemum in my lapel.

If you can’t get there, here’s a little Godzilla for you…

Weekend Music

Blue Oyster Cult – Then Came The Last Days of May

Blue Oyster Cult Friday

Originally this song was titled ‘Subhuman’ but was renamed ‘Blue Oyster Cult’ in the Imaginos album.  You don’t see lyrics like this every day, my friends…

I am becalmed in virtue
Lost to nothing on a bay of dreams
Warm weather and a holocaust
The tears of God flow as I bleed

Left to die by two good friends
Abandoned me and put to sleep
On a shore where oyster beds
Seem plush as down
And ripe enough for the luxor dream

Recall the dream of luxor
How fluids will arrive
As if by call or schedule
Resume through the morning tide
Where entry is by seaweed gate
And plan the plan of dreams
To lose oneself in reverb
In all that is and all that seems

So ladies, fish, and gentlemen
Here’s my angled dream
To see me in the blue sky bag
And meet me by the sea

The oyster boys are swimming now
To claim me back from the dead
The creatures back from vertigo
They fear to fall but haven’t fell
Will reclaim tries and try again

The oyster boys are swimming now
Hear them chatter on the tide
Of the lost and language lost
Hear them chatter on the tide

We understand, we understand, we understand
And so do I
We understand, we understand
But fright is real
And so am I

So ladies, fish, and gentlemen
Here’s my angled dream
To see me in the blue sky bag
And meet me by the sea

The entry to lost vestibule
Opens on the bay
An instant shape of mercury
Lost and then retained
An instant is an eyelash
Caught on the tide
Below this bay
And then besides…

The oyster boys are swimming now
One deal is what we made
Forest keys and whirlwind cold
Green keys too and keys of gold
Even locks that won’t explode
When the skies become a scroll
Having lost its interest
See that’s the deal we made
Just to join the Oyster Cult
The Blue Oyster Cult

We Understand, we understand – Blue Oyster Cult

Music Monday – Tuesday edition

You’ll have to forgive me…I’m going to be on a BOC frenzy for a bit.  So enjoy a bit of Joan Crawford.  I never really got this song (I get what it’s about but who makes a song about Joan Crawford and what’s with that weird sound effect interlude?) and the video only adds to the mystery.  Who picks this as a song that deserves a video?  And what a video!  Looks like it was made by an art school student for an extra credit project (uh…and it hopefully got but few bonus points) in somebody’s back yard and I can’t help feeling this was all just a way for the band to get laid “Hey, we’re making a music video.  Wanna be in it?”

Still, enjoy the complete and total super awesome amazingness of BOC…

Blue Oyster Cult as elevator music

I was watching TV the other day and my head whipped around when I heard a familiar tune coming from a commercial…

Is that?

No, can’t be.

Oh, god…it is.

Burnin’ for you by Blue Oyster Cult was playing in a Lincoln car commercial.  But what was this?  What’s with the electro drums?  What’s with the techno synths?  Why do I feel like I should be trippin’ on ecstacy?

It was, of course, a cover by a band called Shiny Toy Guns.  While I’m happy any time BOC gets a little recognition and love I have to admit I’m disappointed here.  Yeech…Listening to this song makes me feel dirty.  This version manages to take both the ‘rock’ and the ‘roll’ out of the song (not an easy thing to do) and makes me think it would be best played in a Macy’s or a corporate HQ in a pathetic attempt by some marketing people to show how ‘hip’ and ‘with it’ they are.

I won’t link to the lame version here…instead enjoy the real song.  But, let’s be honest.  As much as I love these guys, this may be the worst music video ever made.

Clearly made by a friend of the band who had a video recorder, a girl someone was trying to get into bed (‘Hey, I’m a big time producer.  You want to be in a music video’) and a car someone desperately wanted to get rid of (payments or insurance too much?) and I’m sure was reported vandalized after the shoot.

And what the hell were they thinking with those hair and wardrobe choices?