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I’m not a bigot, but…

Whenever you hear something like that, buckle up because you can be sure you’re about to hear some crazy shit.  Juan Williams said words to that effect and followed by knocking it out of the park:

“I mean, look, Bill, I’m not a bigot. You know the kind of books I’ve written about the civil rights movement in this country,” he said. “But when I get on a plane, I got to tell you, if I see people who are in Muslim garb and I think, you know, they’re identifying themselves first and foremost as Muslims, I get worried. I get nervous.”

What?  He couldn’t even insert the obligatory ‘Hey, I even have Muslim friends!’

What a douche.  If the guy can’t even see the hypocrisy of his position he truly deserves his job at Fox.  How in the world can he reconcile his position and not give every bigoted white person over the past 150 years a pass for ‘getting worried’ or ‘nervous’ around black people?

Now, I think it would have been refreshing and a worthwhile conversation if Juan said something like:  ‘I mean, look Bill, you know the kind of books I’ve written about the civil rights movement in this country.  I’ve opposed bigotry my whole career.  Yet, I’ll admit, if I see people who are in Muslim garb prejudice gets the better of me sometimes and I get worried and nervous.’

That would create a really good opportunity to discuss prejudice and bigotry and how it’s not a simple on/off switch with people.  It’d be nice to hear a discussion about the mechanisms of bigotry and how someone like Williams could be a bigot and anti-bigot at the same time.

But, no.  Let’s just feed prejudice and allow people to rationalize their irrational beliefs.

Good job, Juan.  Your parents must be so proud.

The dumbing of the media

So, I’m sure by now you’ve heard about the scandal over the woman who returned her adopted Russian child.

The strange thing is that the media has been reporting virtually from the beginning that adoptions by Americans were suspended.

The problem is that it wasn’t true.  The Foreign Ministry issued some statements about suspending adoptions but they don’t have the authority to do that.  It is the Ministry of Education that has jurisdiction over adoptions and they haven’t suspended anything according to the U.S. state department.

So one wonders why the media still talks about a suspension like it’s a fact.  One could understand confusion of small or local media outlets that get their information second hand from larger organizations but there is a Press Relations Office that either responds to questions or (gasp!) actually allows journalists to attend briefings and ask questions.

But, of course, the nuances of domestic politics in Russia is far too complicated for the American public and would take up too much valuable air time (OMG!  If we run that story we can’t talk about Kate Gosselin!)  so it’s better to just make stuff up and figure that it’s close enough.

This is really a pretty basic piece of information.  If they get stuff like this wrong, how much faith can you have that they’re getting the big stuff right?

Michael Yon – poseur or just annoying?

Simon has brought Michael Yon back to my attention after a some time.  I recall enjoying reading his stuff about Iraq a few years ago but either I’ve changed or he has because now he just seems like an insufferable jackass.

Check out the guy’s facebook postings:

Update on Bridge Fiasco: Have finished all fact checking but am going on mission. Anticipate having this published in roughly 24 hours.

No, Mike, you probably aren’t going out on a mission.  Some soldiers are though and you’ll be tagging along and (hopefully) reporting on it.  You’re not in the Army any more.  Get over it.

Took trip with Sec. Gates and his group this morning. They are still going, but I stopped at one of our FOBs to go out with some infantry today. Was talking with Geoff Morrell, Press Secretary for Hon. Mr. Gates, and Geoff patted his pocket saying he already had the dispatch printed and would show it …to Sec. Gates today. Lieutenant General David Rodriguez and some other commanders also brought it up to me. Rodriguez has it all in hand… Good idea to cease fire on the Spanish. All is good. Everybody who needs to know, knows. Mission complete: we can move on to other matters.

Oh…thank you so much for saving the entire war effort.  Where oh where would we be without you?  Glad to know it’s safe to ‘move on’.

My god, I knew Afghanistan was big but I didn’t know it could hold an ego that size.

Best of all, yesterday he went on a rant about ‘war tourism’.  Yes, there is a problem with politicians and others flying in country for a few hours so they can brag about how they were in the war zone but really, has this guy looked in the mirror?  He’s a poster child for war junkies.

Maybe that’s what rubs me the wrong way about the guy.  Someone who can freely come and go, doesn’t have to think about context or consequences and feels free to sharpshoot at will.

Oh…and thinks he’s fine line separating us from defeat.

Or, maybe I’m just annoyed with him because he said some disparaging things about Olympic hockey.  Who knows?

I always said I was jealous that Iraq got all the attention but I think I’d be happier if Yon went back to Iraq.

Hey, Mike, King Caesar by Head Automatica is for you.

Quit screwing with my preconceived notions!

Is Fox News coming out in favor of repealing DADT?!*  Holy cripes, I knew our snow storm was bad but who knew it’d make hell freeze over?

If you’ll excuse me, I need to reinforce my windows to prevent the flying pigs from crashing through.

*Or is this just an opportunity to put another nail in the coffin of John McCain’s career?  I guess it depends on if you think the puppet masters at Fox News have read, and understand Sun Tzu.

Haiti’s earthquake

I’ve done it recently but given the news about the earthquake in Haiti, you might want to keep an eye on Mark’s blog.

I suppose, if one wants to look for a bit of good news out of this it’s that there are about 9,000 foreign troops and police there to help keep order and perform rescue and recovery activities.

Update: Wolf Blitzer was a total dick to the Haitian ambassador.  The guy was obviously emotionally stressed and trying to absorb the fact that he can’t get in touch with anyone in his country and said something like “All I can do is pray.”

To which Wolf said:  “Well, you better do more than that.”

CNN:  The best team of ambulance chasers on TV…

Suck it HuffPo!

Ah ha!  Allow me to gloat.

HuffPo just today had a post today about the Uruguayan sci-fi short ‘Panic Attack’.  Just for the record (and because, like no one but me cares about this sort of stuff) I posted about it waaaaay back on December 17th.

So, dear readers, yet again I demonstrate how reading this blog keeps your collective finger on the pulse of all things cultural, political and military.

Feel free to mock all those pathetic HuffPo ‘johnny come lately’ types.

Huffington, Drudge, Brown…do you feel that?  It’s me breathing down your neck!  I will crush you all with my media empire!  HA!  Bow before me now or suffer the consequences you puny Earthlings!

I await your surrender and look forward to making you all my bootlicking toadies!

Oh man, I think I need some NyQuil.

The 24 news channels live up to expectations…again!

I was out of contact with the outside world for almost all of the past 4 days with the exception of getting a newspaper on Friday morning.  I was actually quite thankful after seeing the story about the attempted plane bombing, since I just knew that all of the coverage Christmas Day would be endless idle speculation with virtually no facts.  I figured most of that would have burned out be the time we got back this afternoon and so turned on the news to see what had gone on in the world while I was away.

In half an hour of watching CNN (MSNBC had it’s usual Sunday mass-murderer porn on) I heard about the flooding of Reagan National Airport, increased security at L.A., an interview with the Dutch guy who apprehended the terrorist suspect (twice).  By the way, who would have thought a European would save the day?  I thought they were all too busy eating brie and surrendering to Muslim fanatics to actually take a stand.  I guess Fox News and the Right are wrong again.

But not once did I hear that there was even a peep on news out of Iran.  I only knew there was something up because there were about a billion posts from the Daily Dish in my rss reader.

Why am I always amazed at the crappy world coverage we get here in the states?

Fox News…the new Pravda

Really, just shocking….

And there is a debate if Fox is a ‘real’ news agency?  Where’s the evidence supporting that ridiculous proposition?


Fusion center blues

CNN had this spot on this morning as part of a report about potential intrusions on your privacy.  The focus here was on fusion centers.  The report itself isn’t particularly insightful (part of the problem of trying to cram an issue that requires 10 minutes into a 2 minute slot) but the chit chat between the reporter and the anchor afterwards was very interesting.  The report raised the concern that fusion centers might be collecting and distributing information about citizens without any reasonable suspicion of criminal activity apart from their political affiliation or history in engaging in constitutionally protected activities.

So when the report ends, the anchor says something to the effect of ‘Everyone should really make sure they check their privacy settings on all their web pages, blogs, etc. to make sure only the people you want to see your stuff actually see it.’

The reporter replies:  ‘Yes, you really have to watch what you say and do now because you never know when the government or your employer may be watching.’

Whoa…I thought, ‘Did she really just say that?’  How in the world did we get to a place where a reporter can say something like that and then cut to the weather as if they just showed a clip of a water-skiing squirrel?

Drilling isn’t boring

The Norwegian state oil company decided it needed a themesong.  Rather than go with the typical corporate drivel they attempted to do something hip and ended up with the following.  I was a bit dismissive at first but the damn song is catchy so now I’m thinking I’m just jealous.