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The Christmas Truce part 5

The Christmas Truce part 4

The Christmas Truce part 3

The Christmas Truce part 2

The Christmas Truce part 1

In what is becoming an unintended tradition here at TwShiloh, the Christmas season during times of war keeping reminding me of the Christmas Truce of WWI.  While wars are terrible things, sometimes they can provide a striking contrast to moments of real humanity.

The spontaneous actions of men of both sides to who decided to just stop fighting is an event that does not receive the attention it is due.  Of course, since it was an action by individuals to reject the demands of the state, one shouldn’t be surprised that our state run educational systems don’t talk about it much (Yeah, like they cover other areas of history so completely…eds).

So, in keeping with my annual tradition of mentioning the truce every holiday season I’ll be posting a five part series this week comprising a documentary cut and posted on YouTube by dickensxmas2010.

Photos of Russia at war (reenacted)

EnglishRussia has a couple of photo shoots of war reenactors and there’s some really interesting shots.

Cavalry vs. vehicle mounted machine gun


Finnish Fridays

Ever hear of the Aviation Museum of Central Finland?  Sounds like a bore, right?  Well, it also serves as the Finnish Air Force museum and they’ve got some pretty cool panorama displays of their collection.

Those long, dark winters encourage the Finns to invent some pretty strange hobbies.  Take wife carrying, for example.  Not willing to let the men folk monopolize the reputation for being tough, there’s also husband carrying.

And now, for something completely different.  Wolverines to the smooth sound of new age guitar playing.