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Music Monday

Joe Strummer -Bhindi Bhagee


Probably sacrilege but here’s a cover of Imagine…

Music Monday

Amos Lee – Freedom



Music Monday

You may be wishing you could do this if you stuffed yourself this past Thanksgiving.

God Lives Underwater – From Your Mouth

Music Monday

Against Me – Piss and Vinegar

Music Monday (Veterans Day edition)

Tom Ricks asked around for people’s combat soundtracks a couple of days ago.  I consider myself lucky that for all my time outside the wire I never found myself in a firefight and I’m too much of a stuffed shirt to have allowed music on a mission as I’d be concerned it was distracting soldiers from paying attention to what was going on around them but…music certainly can play a role in getting one mentally prepared for potential missions.

In Afghanistan I tended to use music to relax rather than heighten my emotions and so I have to admit no particular songs leap to mind (other than the fact that my hatred for Dire Straits reached maniacal levels) as particularly connected with my time in country.  Commenters on Ricks’ blog point to a number of old standbys (from Drowning Pool, Rammstein,  or Metallica) and they’re ok but I’d like to submit a few songs that I’d have ready in my queue if I were deployed again.

Disturbed – Indestructible (really cool video)

Lost Prophets -DSTRYR/DSTRYR

And let’s not forget that before it was Veterans Day, November 11th was Armistice Day and memorialized the end of the First World War.  One of my favorite war-themed songs is about that war and by the band Magnum.  For some reason it chokes me up every time as, in my humble opinion, it really captures the tragedy of the whole endeavor of warfare…(this video has about 45 seconds of an intro to the song by the band’s guitarist but stick with it).

Magnum – Les Morts Dansant

Cannons roared in the valley they thundered
While the guns lit up the night
Then it rained and both sides wondered
Who is wrong and who is right

On the wire like a ragged old scarecrow
Bloody hands and broken back
When they fire see him pirouette solo
Jump in time to the rat a tat

What a night though it’s one of seven
What a night for the dancing dead
What a night to be called to heaven
What a picture to fill your head

By the wall in a silouette standing
Through a flash of sudden light
Cigarette from his mouth just hanging
Paper square to his heart pinned tight

Gather round reluctant marksmen
One of them to take his life
With a smile he gives them pardon
Leaves the dark and takes the light


They dispatch their precious cargo
Knock him back right off his feet
And they pray may no one follow
Better still to face the beast

When the field has become a garden
And the wall has stood the test
Children play and the dogs run barking
Who would think or who would guess

SGT. Christopher P. Geiger - 9 July 2003 - Bagram, Afghanistan


Finnish Fridays

Worried about climate change?  Well, you might want to think about buying a little place in Finland which is reported to be one of the nations least affected by climate change.  Even more than that:

In fact, northern European countries are initially set to gain from climate change due to longer crop growing seasons.

Hmmm…I smell the origins of a conspiracy theory.

The Finns are a patriotic bunch.  Here’s a clip from the YouTube vault in which Conan O’Brien is given a lesson about insulting the Finns.

And finally, the Finnish band ‘Leningrad Cowboys‘ singing Sweet Home Alabama with the Red Army Choir (or, as Fox News would describe it:  Obama’s secret vision for subverting our sacred musical tradition and brainwashing our young).

Music Monday

A great song to run to:

Powerman 5000:  Show me what you’ve got

Tis the season…

Halloween is right around the corner and I’m finally getting my head above water to where I can get serious about reading and watching a bit of horror.

So, here’s a classic creepy vid…Marlyn Manson

I’m afraid of Americans…

This is a couple of years old now, but I found this demo by the new project of Jeff Sheel who was (and I guess still is) the vocalist of Gravity Kills.  It’s a cover of the Bowie song ‘I’m afraid of Americans.’  I’m afraid I can’t embed it here but it’s available as an mp3 for download.

I don’t know what it is about Sheel but he seems to have a knack for doing really great sounding covers.  Check out his version (in Gravity Kills) of Depeche Mode’s ‘Personal Jesus‘.