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Photos of Russia at war (reenacted)

EnglishRussia has a couple of photo shoots of war reenactors and there’s some really interesting shots.

Cavalry vs. vehicle mounted machine gun


Photo of the day

Bruton Parish Church – Williamsburg, Virginia

The War of Transnistria

EnglishRussia has some photos from the War of Transnistria from back in 1992.  From Wikipedia:

The War of Transnistria involved armed clashes on a limited scale that broke out between Transnistrian Republican Guard, militia and Cossack units, supported by the Russian 14th army, and Moldovan troops and police forces as early as November 1990 at Dubăsari (Russian: Дубоссáры, Dubossary). Fighting intensified on 1 March 1992, with the accession of newly independent Moldova into the UN and alternated by ad hoc ceasefires, lasted throughout spring and early summer 1992 until a ceasefire was declared on 21 July 1992, which has held ever since.

How old is this kid?  12?

And, I’m not sure how good this thing would be in a fight.  It might do fine in a zombie apocalypse though…

Check it out, there’s lots more to see.

Photo of the day – A bridge to somewhere

I took a boat ride around the Upper New York Bay yesterday…hence no posting.  Pictures to go up on Flickr (and a few here) over the next day or so.  First, enjoy a bridge without all the traffic.

Picture of the day

A guy taking a picture of a guy making a painting of this artificial construct we call reality.

For the birds

I’m not a ‘bird guy’.  I have a couple of feeders and will occasionally watch what stops by but I can’t tell any but the most basic bird calls.

Still, Andrew Zuckerman’s bird photos are really amazing and his book is on my wishlist.

Me?  I’m a humble guy with a pretty average camera.  At the risk of over playing my hand with too many pictures of the blue herons that have set up shop on my bike route to work, I give you:

Exclusive! Early photos of the Armchair Generalist!

Ok, this is totally echo chamber stuff but I saw this and immediately thought of everyone’s favorite chemical weapons analyst (h/t English Russia) …

Swedes invade Russia!

Ok…so the headline is more than a thousand years old but the fact remains that the Swedes moved into what’s now called Russia way back in the 9th century.  They were called the Rus and quickly started running things.

EnglishRussia has a nice photo spread of a Rus-era festival (which makes Renaissance fairs look positively futuristic).  There are some pretty good shots in there…check ’em out.

Who knew frogs came in extra small?

Last weekend while we were out hiking I saw some movement on the ground that I assumed, at first, were some sort of bug.  Upon closer inspection however, I discovered they were, in fact, the tiniest frogs I had ever seen.

That is what you call puny…

Happy National Day, Sweden!

I almost missed it but today (June 6th) is Sweden’s National Day.

June 6th became Sweden’s official national day only 27 years ago, and it only became a national holiday in 2005. While there will be groups of proud Swedes found waving the blue and yellow flag at Stockholm’s Skansen, and town squares across the country, for many the day remains something of a non-event.

I was fortunate enough to be in Sweden in 2006 for the first time the Swedes really tried to celebrate the day.  It was kind of funny as no  one really knew what to do or where to go.  And the Swedes, not the most overtly nationalistic people in the world, were a bit muted in their celebration.  Still, it was a great deal of fun watching a nation try on a new holiday on for size.

You can see some of the pictures I took of the event here.